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July 31st, 2020 

--For Flight Training

Call Jerry (425) 876-0865 -

or Email FlyWBA@Gmail.com

Takeoff to Fun and Adventure!
























Ready to FLY? 

Like Antique and Classic Aircraft? 
How about Taildraggers? 
Want to Fly a WARBIRD?
Ready for your very own airplane?
Need aircraft maintenance?
Pilot supplies?
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You've come to the right place!
Come on down for FREE brats 'n dogs every Saturday!
 Wild Blue Aviation is your Flight Training, Warbirds, Taildragger, Aerobatics, Antique and Classic Aircraft specialist.  Ain't no spam spoken here!

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17 yo Jack McLauchlan first solo 6-30-11


Bob Traver first solo 16 Nov 2010


Larry Dunn first solo Nov. 3, 2010


new pilot James Kruse and DPE Summer Martell










Wild Blue Aviation is the place to Learn to Fly, get your Taildragger Endorsement, learn to fly in formation, do aerobatics, get specialized Warbird flight training or buy your very own Warbird, Classic or Antique aircraft.  We're located thirty miles north of Seattle at the Arlington Municipal Airport, a great little grass roots airport that's home to lots of Warbird, Classic and Antique Aircraft--and home of the EAA Arlington Fly-in and Airshow.  We love to fly!  Just want to talk?  Give me a call--Jerry Painter--425-876-0865.  I love talkin' airplanes!

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The fine print: 
You know, I do the best I can to get all the stuff on this site down properly, the way it's supposed to be so I keep myself and my friends and family out of trouble, but you know what?  Sometimes the earth shifts in its orbit around the sun or my wife yells at me or I stay out too late or a dog bites me or the north pole moves or Alzheimer's takes over or I have deliriums of deranged insight or something totally unexpected happens that screws things up--nothing intentional, you understand, but sometimes... So, though to the best of my knowledge everyhting you read here is correct and reliable, be smart, don't take my word for it, do your own thorough investigation.  Everybody's entitled to their own opinion.  Suppliers change their prices, availability varies, boats from China get the slows etc.  Maybe I'm just another raving maniac blathering idiot like your brother-in-law.  Read the fine print--even if its published by the FAA-- check the logs, get a title report, get a pre-purchase inspection done by a mechanic you know and trust, check NTSB records for accident reports etc.  Use an escrow company.  Because Everything you see here is only my opinion, is AS IS, WHERE IS with no guarantees or warrantees of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied, not usually, but sometimes depending on what "is" is.  What you sees "is" probably what you gets, though one never knows, do one?  Do your homework, then decide. Yes, an attorney advised me to put this statement here to protect me from who knows what kinda legal baloney I could get tangled up in otherwise.  Life in the fast lane ain't always what its cracked up to be.  Etc etc etc.  Sheesh! This is disgusting stuff!  Better go flyin' and get my mind right...
Jerry Painter
Wild Blue Aviation


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